King’s Day in Amsterdam

Earlier this year, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago and saw the city turn into one big green, drunken mass.  Despite having lived in Chicago for over 20 years, we rarely participate in St. Patrick’s Day festivities and normally avoid the downtown area during that weekend altogether. So, when […]

Tulip Paradise

As we started to descend towards the Schiphol Airport, I was peeking through the plane window and could not hold my excitement: -Look!!! Tulips!!! The colorful strips of tulip fields started to appear out of nowhere and stretched to the horizon. On the train ride from the airport, we passed […]

Stop and Smell the Flowers

“Dead bushes,” I muttered. “We need to do something about it.” It had been more than a year since the pandemic started and I was looking through the window of our condo at the lifeless branches dangling outside. “Why don’t we get rid of them and plant some flowers? We […]

The Prettiest Town in Mexico

“We are going to the prettiest town in Mexico,” Victor said as we were packing our backpacks for the flight. “Says who?” I demanded, “Who decides what’s the “prettiest town”? What’s the prettiest town in the US? In Europe? In the world?  I’ve never even heard of Guanajuato before you […]

Rhode Island: Gilded Age of Our Travels

How do you spell “Victor”? How do you spell “Julia”? I did not know what I expected before visiting Rhode Island but learning a new language was certainly not what I planned for.  But here we were, at the gift shop of the Sailing Museum in Newport, unexpectedly immersed in […]

NSFW Temples or How Victor and I became Temporary Celebrities

By Julia / October 23, 2019

Buckle in, the day has come.  This is our very first NSFW post.  None of this previous “Asian Massage but no Happy Ending” or “Pot Pizza without Any Actual Pot” nonsense.  This post is going to contain the most non-family-friendly pictures so far, at least until we get to posting […]

Familiar and Strange – The Cuisine of Mexico

By Victor / October 17, 2019

Before we ever visited Mexico, one thing we thought we knew about Mexico well was the food.  Tacos, burritos, nachos, and fajitas are our go-to comfort food.  Imagine our surprise when we found some very different menu offerings south of the border, with most of our favorites conspicuously missing.  It […]

Village Homestay in India – New Year, Goats, and Bootleg Brandy

By Julia / October 10, 2019

Ever since we started seriously traveling, we usually take two weeks either around Thanksgiving or Christmas/New Year for a long trip out of the country.   To date, we have celebrated New Year watching fireworks while wearing white and drinking champagne with locals on a beach in Brazil; lost in a […]

Música Brasileira – The Music of Brazil

By Victor / September 26, 2019

The word “Brazil” has many connotations for me – world-known beaches, the best national soccer team, and 1980s telenovelas with enough twists and turns to bring the whole of the USSR to a standstill. But the most important part of Brazil is its music – samba, bossa nova, samba-reggae. While […]

Egypt in the Spring – Arab Spring

By Julia / September 19, 2019

“Mohammed! Mohammed! Cairo is burning!” We are in the middle of the international terminal of the O’Hare airport, staring transfixed at the multiple TV screens showing fire and mayhem on the streets of Cairo. Victor is holding a phone, with the faint voice of Mohammed, our hired Egyptian guide, on […]

Clean Slate – The Modernist Architecture of Rotterdam, Netherlands

By Victor / September 11, 2019

After the fire at the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris earlier this year, I saw so many people on social media lamenting that they did not get to see Notre Dame before it was destroyed.  The lesson, of course, is that we should live now and not put off visiting […]

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