The Unexpected India

India was our best trip and our worst trip.  Nine years later, I am still shocked that, while still being relatively new international travelers, we had enough courage to pick India as our second Asian country to visit. We wrote extensively in this blog about 16 unforgettable days in India […]

Six Wonders of the World: Part II

Start with Part I here for the Colosseum, Chichen Itza, and Taj Mahal. 4.  Christ the Redeemer By the time we visited Brazil in 2015, Christ the Redeemer was firmly established as one of the new Wonders of the World and the tourists were certainly aware of it.  From our […]

Six Wonders of the World: Part I

We were on a mountain in Peru, looking down at a gorgeous green valley, peppered with ancient stone constructions. “I can’t believe we are finally at Machu Picchu!” Victor said, “Congratulations!  You have now visited all “New Seven Wonders of the World”!” “I have?” I asked, unsure. “Well, let’s see.  […]

First Visit to the Land of Enchantment

“Did you see what the license plate of our car rental says?” I asked Julia as we were pulling out of the parking lot of the Albuquerque airport. “What?” “Land of Enchantment.” “Well… that’s promising…” Julia said, but I could tell that she wasn’t sold yet. For many people, New […]

More Hiking Mistakes: Banff and Jasper National Parks

Our previous hiking post about the Gap of Dunloe ended up being a list of mistakes we made while planning and executing the four-hour hike over some of Ireland’s most beautiful lands.  Now that we got back from hiking in Banff and Jasper National Parks, I am tempted to repeat […]

Cambodia – The Way We Travel

By Julia / February 13, 2019

I was lounging in a round wicker chair in a pretty courtyard of our little guesthouse in the middle of Seam Reap, chatting with our charming young hostess, Fara. “So, where are you going after this?” asked Fara, with only slight traces of a Cambodian accent in her fluent English. […]

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