The Wonders of the Wadi

The next few posts are going to be about what we consider to be “essential Oman” – the natural beauty of breathtaking landscapes and the traditional architecture of historic forts and castles.  I am going to start with something we’ve never seen before and that only exists in a few […]

Hump Day in Oman 

It was 5 am and we were on the move.  We got up in the middle of the night to drive out of Nizwa, a lively city full of neon signs and bustling markets, towards a dusty outpost town of Sinaw in the desert.  The next thing I am going […]

Driving in Oman: 5 Pros and 1 Con

I must admit I was a little bit nervous about the prospect of driving in Oman. Driving in the Middle East is like a box of chocolate: you never know what you are going to get. On the one hand, you can get Turkey with its excellent network of roads, […]

How I Became a Fashionista

Back in 2011, when we were preparing to visit Egypt, it never even occurred to me that this would not be an average trip.  And I am not just talking about ending up in the middle of the Arab Spring with violent and deadly protests happening three blocks away from […]

Welcome to Oman!

We arrived in Muscat early in the morning, having spent the last two nights in an airplane, the first flying from Chicago to Frankfurt, and 14 hours later, from Frankfurt to Muscat.  Unsurprisingly, we were exhausted.  We checked into the hotel, ate breakfast, and collapsed into bed.  Four hours later, […]

Surviving the Apocalypse in Türkiye

By Julia / October 26, 2023

After visiting the archeological treasures of Ephesus, one the most famous and well-preserved ancient cities, in the morning, we were in the mood for something easy and delightful, with a bit of indulgently sweet on the side.  And so, a stop in the village of Şirince, just 8 kilometers away, […]

Welcome to Lycia!

By Julia / October 19, 2023

We visited Lycia, and I am here to tell you all about it.  If you are staring at a map, confused and bewildered, let me get you a little better situated.  Lycia is a maritime district of southwestern Anatolia and can be found on the Teke Peninsula surrounded by the […]

Türkiye: The First Time

By Julia / October 5, 2023

The first time we ended up in Türkiye was back in the winter of 2013 and to be perfectly clear, we didn’t go to Türkiye, we went to Thailand for two weeks and had an overnight layover in Istanbul on our way back.  And so, Türkiye was an afterthought.  We […]

Small Towns, Big Problems

By Victor / September 28, 2023

Even before the pandemic, Europe had been seriously suffering from over-tourism with masses of tourists visiting the most popular destinations at rates not seen before.  The pandemic did not change the status quo, and to some extent, even exacerbated the problem, causing people who skipped travel in the last 2-3 […]

The Unexpected India

By Victor / September 14, 2023

India was our best trip and our worst trip.  Nine years later, I am still shocked that, while still being relatively new international travelers, we had enough courage to pick India as our second Asian country to visit. We wrote extensively in this blog about 16 unforgettable days in India […]

Six Wonders of the World: Part II

By Julia / August 30, 2023

Start with Part I here for the Colosseum, Chichen Itza, and Taj Mahal. 4.  Christ the Redeemer By the time we visited Brazil in 2015, Christ the Redeemer was firmly established as one of the new Wonders of the World and the tourists were certainly aware of it.  From our […]

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