How to Sneak into Cuba

There were two types of reactions to my last post about visiting Cuba and bringing gifts of hygiene supplies and medicine: “Did you really have to bring soap and pills with you? I thought Cuba had everything by now…” Or “Wait… You went to Cuba? Is that legal? How did […]

More Souvenirs: Part II

Last month, we wrote about some unique souvenirs that we brought back from our travels.  Today is Part 2 of that post. African masks, Egypt In our collection, we have eight African masks, which is a lot, considering that we have not really visited Africa yet.  The only nominal African […]

An Honest Conversation in Havana

There is a conversation that happens in every country we visit.  The locals earnestly ask, we honestly answer, the locals are thrilled, and by the end of it, everyone is happy.  But this one time, it went off script. “How do you like Cuba?” the taxi driver asked, flashing us […]

Our Own Museum of Travel

Our condo is a museum of our never-ending globetrotting.  African masks, religious statues, souvenirs, and mementos from all over the world constantly fight for shelf space with the cats.  The more we travel, the more things we bring home.  Our minimalist way of life directly conflicts with the constant desire […]

Unexpected Food Capital of South America

How come Peru has two restaurants in the top 10 restaurants in the world list while the U.S. has none? This was one of the questions we puzzled over while boarding our flight to Lima.  The answer was found shortly thereafter, during our nine-day crisscrossing of the land of the […]

Cambodia – Cooking Class, Insects, and Vegetarians

By Victor / February 17, 2019

To avoid being “templed out”, we split our three-day Angkor Wat pass into four days.  Two days of temples visits, one day of rest, and the last day of temple visits again.  On the day of rest, we decided to take a Cambodian cooking class that included a market visit […]

Cambodia – Table Manners

By Julia / February 16, 2019

A week after traveling Cambodia and trying every Cambodian dish we found (except fertilized boiled eggs, we could not bring ourselves to eat duck embryo in an eggshell), I suddenly looked around and asked, “Why do all restaurants have forks and spoons on the tables, in addition to chopsticks?  This […]

Cambodia – Highlights

By Victor / February 14, 2019

We didn’t know what to expect from Cambodia.  We haven’t met other travelers who have been to Cambodia (outside of Seam Reap) and didn’t know what to prepare ourselves for.  Was it going to be just like Thailand and we would spend two weeks in a perpetual state of deja […]

Cambodia – The Way We Travel

By Julia / February 13, 2019

I was lounging in a round wicker chair in a pretty courtyard of our little guesthouse in the middle of Seam Reap, chatting with our charming young hostess, Fara. “So, where are you going after this?” asked Fara, with only slight traces of Cambodian accent in her fluent English. “Taking […]

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