The Undiscovered Peninsulas of Ireland

“It looks like a claw,” Victor said. We zoomed in to the bottom left corner of the island of Ireland on Google maps and I clearly saw a claw with five crooked digits protruding into the ocean, the five southwestern peninsulas.  The peninsulas, Mizen, Sheep’s Head, Beara, Iveragh, and Dingle, […]

On the Edge of the Crater: Volcano Hiking in El Salvador

My recent post about hiking (and running) through Dunloe Gap reminded me of the most spectacular hike we did at the end of last year.  El Salvador and that entire region, including Guatemala and Costa Rica, are chock full of volcanoes and yet another volcano hike didn’t sound like anything […]

Two Pubs, One Fort: A-Not-Very-Sober Day in Ireland

We woke up in Kinsale to the sound of steel beer barrels being rolled down the cobblestone street.  The ultimate Irish alarm clock! After quickly grabbing coffee and splitting a scone, we started the day in this little sleepy Irish port town by taking a highly recommended walking tour.  The […]

The Full Irish Experience

“I want to try the Full Irish Breakfast,” I said as the plane was picking up the speed down the runway, “As soon as we arrive.” “You will get the Full Irish experience,” I promise you that.” Victor smiled. As the plane lifted off and I closed my eyes, a […]

Mexico City: Love at First Sight

I was in a dentist’s chair with my mouth wide open. The dentist, holding his hand deep in my mouth, was eager to chat. “So, where are you traveling next?” “Mmm… meiii… ko …shity,” I muttered drooling from the side of my mouth. “Say it again.” He said, taking his […]

Pub-Hopping, Pub-Crawling, Pub-Learning: The Truly Irish Experience

By Victor / September 24, 2022

Although we constantly repeat in this blog that we rarely drink, we finished almost every day of our recent trip to Ireland in a pub.  We drank in pubs, we danced in pubs, and once we even slept above a pub. Our travel philosophy of adapting to the customs of […]

All Aboard the Coffin Ship!

By Julia / September 14, 2022

We stood in the queue at the Embarkation area, clutching our boarding passes.  Through the windows, we could see Dunbrody, a three-masted sailing vessel, moored at the quayside, its wooden sides gleaming in the sun.  A woman, dressed in a dark shawl and clutching a large bag, rushed past us […]

In The Skies Above Medellin

By Julia / August 18, 2022

On our final full day in Medellin, we met the car and the driver at the trendy El Poblado neighborhood, as scheduled.  We got there early enough to eat breakfast and for Victor to buy a few bags of coffee beans at Pergamino Coffee Shop.  As we climbed into the […]

Un Poquito De Español

By Victor / August 11, 2022

Start with Part I: Why I Decided To Learn Spanish. While in Guatemala, especially in Antigua, we saw a lot of Spanish schools, where one can stay with a local family and take Spanish classes for 4-5 hours a day. This immersion program is quite popular with foreigners and allows […]

No Hablo Español

By Victor / August 4, 2022

When I was 22 years old, I made a rather unusual promise to myself. I decided that by the age of 40 I will speak Spanish.  I don’t really know why I made this promise. At that time, Spanish was absolutely irrelevant in my life. I had no exposure to […]

Fake Estonian in a Fake Village

By Julia / July 28, 2022

We were sitting on the rocks by the Baltic Sea, laughing hysterically. “It was like a scene out of a sitcom!” I gasped between laughing fits, “Who does something like this in real life?” Victor buried his head in his hands, “I don’t know! I don’t know what I was […]

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